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​Northeast Junior Scratch Tour
Unfortunately the Northeast Junior Scratch Tour is no longer running tournaments.
The Scholarship Fund is being maintained for those bowlers who had been awarded scholarships over the years..    

c/o Kathi McCaw
116 Sidney Ave
West Hartford CT 06110 US


Scholarship earnings are available after you have completed at least one semester of college (with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0). Students must submit a copy of a current school bill which indicates the amount requested must be (or has already been) paid by the student.  At that time, please submit a copy of your grades to:

                                                                               Northeast Junior Scratch Tour
                                                                               116 Sidney Ave
                                                                               West Hartford, CT  06110

The student’s name and the name of the school MUST be on the grade report. Many internet printouts ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE because they do not include this information.  Please send either an original copy from the school or a clear photocopy of the original.  Scholarship money cannot be released based on grade reports that do not adhere to these guidelines.

Please indicate what amount of your scholarship earnings you wish to have sent at that time.  A check will be mailed to you, made payable to the school for unpaid expenses, for you to forward to your school, or payable to you for expenses you have already paid.  We CANNOT mail scholarship checks directly to your school.

All scholarship earnings MUST be claimed by the time the student reaches age 23 or any unclaimed funds will be returned to the Northeast Junior Scratch Tour.  Any exceptions to this rule must be pre-approved by the NeJST Directors.